Goals and Objectives

Our goals and objectives were established in 2012.

Goal I. Promote Conservation of Candia’s Natural Resources/Prime Wetlands.

  • Objective 1. Conduct efforts to preserve Candia’s important natural resources.
    • Focus on developing a network of connected lands that preserve the natural ecology of the indigenous flora and fauna and connect with similar areas in neighboring towns.
    • Focus on properties containing backlands and important natural features such as exemplary natural communities, rare species, prime wetlands, aquifers, timber, agricultural resources, wildlife habitat and corridors, etc.
    • Preserve critical road frontage areas identified as wildlife crossings.
      • Maintain a record of wildlife sightings around town.
      • For important amphibian road crossings, place “Amphibian Crossing” signs on poles from early March to early May.
  • Objective 2. Monitor the town properties under jurisdiction of the Commission.
    • Acquire current surveys of properties under commission jurisdiction.
  • Objective 3. Work with conservation organizations to protect selected properties.
  • Objective 4. Inventory Candia’s wetlands and recommend areas for town approval as Prime Wetlands – (after new assessment procedures are established)

Goal II. Help maintain Candia’s rural aesthetics and natural resources through ongoing projects.

  • Objective 1. Continue the revitalization of our Conservation Areas.
  • Objective 2. Maintain trails on town properties, develop trail guides, and build kiosks as appropriate.

Goal III. Develop management plans for town forests.

  • Objective 1. Contract forestry with professionals and ecologists to assess town forests and develop a management plan for each town forest.
  • Objective 2. Contract appropriate professionals to conduct forestry activities according to the management plans.
  • Objective 3. Finance forest management activities with funds gained through timber sales from previous town forestry projects.
  • Objective 4. Host walks through town forests guided by forestry professionals and ecologists highlighting forest management, Best Management Practices, and ecologically significant areas.

Goal IV. Maintain a progressive and proficient Conservation Commission that provides credible natural resource information and makes informed conservation decisions for the town.

  • Objective 1. Develop/Maintain a positive working relationship with town officials and other related agencies.
  • Objective 2. Provide reports and information at town meeting and other town functions.
  • Objective 3. Maintain visibility at town functions.
  • Objective 4. Publish a newsletter annually, which provides in-depth information about recent activities and issues relating to the Conservation Commission and its mission.
  • Objective 5. Contribute articles of interest, editorials, etc. to local newspapers & other media.
  • Objective 6. Organize and conduct landowner education and outreach activities related to the mission of the Conservation Commission.
    • Provide workshops and educational events about land conservation and related topics of local interest.
    • Conduct public walks on town properties led by experts in various fields of environmental science.
    • Develop a procedure for contacting and working with local landowners regarding conservation of their land.
  • Objective 7. Participate in training activities that improve the ability of conservation commissioners to achieve the above stated goals and objectives.